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viva la Mary

Final Challenge Session Three Voting

Hello guys! We are ready to start final challenge voting. I want to thank all participants and everyone who voted. I really love this community and wish it to grow!
This time we have all three finalists and their entries are fabulous! I wish you all good luck and vinca il migliore!
If have any question, don't afraid to ask them.
Voting and rules (read attentively) are under cut.

Voting rules:
- Submit your votes as a comment to these entry, comments are screened. You may use form below.
- You must choose 1 best icon, 1 best header and 1 best icon.
- Don't forget to click the thumbants to view header and banner full size.
- You may submit reasons, if you want.
- Participants may not vote.
- You may ask your friends to vote, but don't say which icon is yours.
- Voting ends when will have at least 15 votes.
- Please, use voting form!
Voting form:

header 1. Photobucket header 2. Photobucket header 3. Photobucket
banner 1. Photobucket banner 2. Photobucket banner 3. Photobucket
icon 1. icon 2. icon 3.
14 / 15

Don't forget, that sign up Session Four is OPEN HERE!
Tags: ch03:r10, final round, voting
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