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Jennifer Lopez Last Icon Maker Standing Community

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Jennifer Lopez Last Icon Maker Standing
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Jennifer Lopez LIMS
Welcome to jlo_lims! This community is a LIMS contest dedicated to Jennifer Lopez.

MOD: redhour (passed down from miss_piensa)

Rules & Schedule
- You must sign up to participate in each challenge.
- Any icon you submit must meet the LJ requirements.
- All icons must be newly made specifically for each round.
- Do not post your submissions until results have been posted.
- Do not have anyone vote for you, keep it fair!
- You must follow any rules listed in each post.
- All icons will be uploaded to my photobucket account (created specifically for this purpose) so you will not know who made it in case their username is in their photobucket account name.
- When you vote, you will vote for two of each best and least quality icons. You will be required to give CONSTRUCTIVE reasons for each. If I don't feel that they're constructive I will ask you to revise them.
- Results are determined by adding the negative and positive votes (in other words, they balance each other out).

SUNDAY: new challenge posted/results posted
MONDAY-THURSDAY: challenge is open.
FRIDAY: challenge closes/voting is posted.
SATURDAY: voting is open.

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Social capital

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